Risk and Safety Management Council

Safety is Our Driving Concern

Safety First

The Kentucky Trucking Association is committed to safety on our state's highways. With over 300 companies, Kentucky Trucking Association represents the unified trucking industry of Kentucky.

As an industry, trucking is a vital part of our state's economy. We carry millions of dollar’s worth of cargo every day, and service every community in the state. Many communities in Kentucky are served exclusively by trucks, and couldn't exist without the trucking industry.

Our main focus is keeping our state moving, while keeping our roads and highways safe. We have ongoing safety initiatives, and work closely with government agencies to ensure that our state's truck drivers are safe and courteous.

Risk and Safety management

Risk and Safety Management Meetings & Awards

The Risk and Safety Management Council host safety meeting every 3rd Tuesday of the month. These meetings are very informative often touching on new regulations, best practices and technology. Click here for the details.

Safety Director of the Year

The Kentucky Trucking Association Safety and Risk Management Council instituted the Safety Director of the Year Award as a means of recognizing truck fleet safety directors whose accomplishments are outstanding. The award is designed to promote and advance high standards in qualification and performance of individuals employed in truck fleet accident prevention. Click here for the Official Nominations Form.

Driver of the Year

Kentucky Trucking Association annually recognizes our members best drivers through our Driver of the Year award. To win this award drivers must have an impeccable driving record with no accidents or violations, and must be involved in their community and a great company representative. The winning driver is recognized at our annual Truck Driving Championship in front of his or her peers. Click here to nominate your driver!

Fleet Safety Award

New for 2015 the Kentucky Trucking Association will honor the safest fleets in Kentucky who have the lowest accident frequency ratio. The Fleet Safety Contest is open to all Kentucky carriers in good-standing with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. This is a statewide safety award. During the Kentucky Trucking Association Annual Convention, Kentucky Trucking Association will honor the professional accomplishments of those fleets in the trucking industry with several awards. Click here to submit your company’s nomination form.

Industry Safety Award

Industrial Safety Awards will recognize trucking companies who have the best ratio of hours of hours worked relative to time lost due to industrial accidents. As with the Vehicle Safety Awards above, the Council audits the entries for accuracy. Winners are selected in various size categories. Click here to download the nomination form.

Truck Driving Championships

Truck Driving Championships (TDC)

Each year in May the Kentucky Risk and Safety Management Council will host the annual TDC. Drivers from around the state compete with the best of the best for the opportunity to advance on to the National TDC. TDC brings the safest drivers to Louisville, KY for two days of testing and driving only the best in the class will get the opportunity to advance on to nationals. Click here for more details and to register.

For printable TDC registration forms please click here.

Kentucky Annual Training

Kentucky Annual Training

Kentucky Trucking Association has assembled an incredible group of trainers for our regional training. Kentucky Trucking Association will host a minimum of 12 certified training classes annually. Our instructors have extensive experience and knowledge in trucking regulations, transporting hazardous material, trucking insurance, state fuel taxes, permitting, and vehicle registration.

Kentucky Trucking Association’s goal is to educate all that want to learn more about commercial trucking in Kentucky. Any company or person that attends an online course or in person class Kentucky Trucking Association hosted will be given access to all the instructors, our Risk & Safety Management Council and Kentucky Trucking Association staff. Ask any question pertaining to operating a commercial truck in Kentucky, and staff at Kentucky Trucking Association will make sure you get an informative answer.

Small Carrier Online Training Program

Small Carrier Online Training Program

Has your insurance company ever asked to see your safety training program? As a small carrier that can be a loaded question. Safety is very important, but developing and maintaining an actual program is another story. The reality is the insurance company is looking at the risk your company presents. Having a safety training plan would be a good start, but having an actual program would be even better. With many of our members being a small guy we understand the challenges in developing your own program. It is hard enough to host one or two safety meeting a year much less actually develop a training program.

Kentucky Trucking Association has created an online safety training program that is perfect for the small guy. The program comes with 52 training modules and 4 corrective action videos. It is completely online allowing the owner & supervisors to track his driver progress via the computer. The driver will be able to take the training at his or her own pace. Once the 52 modules are completed a certificate will be printed for the company and driver records. When the tough question comes about having a training program from FMCSA, insurance, or an attorney the company can show they did everything in their power to consistently train their driver(s). Kentucky Trucking Association members will receive a 10% discount. Click here for more details.