Regional Training

Motor Carrier Training Courses

The Kentucky Trucking Association will host at least 6, potentially more, training courses regionally. Kentucky Trucking Association has an impressive list of instructors for these trainings, such experts as: safety directors, former state & federal enforcement officers, safety experts from the insurance industry, operation and transportation consultants. All have experience in the area of transportation safety. Our instructors have experience in the various transportation segments flatbed, tanker, and van.

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DOT Seminars

The Kentucky Trucking Association Risk and Safety Management Council host a monthly meeting on the 3rd Tuesday of the Month. The Council brings in speakers on a wide range of topics. The Council also has an annual visit to a scale house to show our members what an inspector looks for when inspecting one of their vehicles.

We will also have meetings in the state to update members on any new regulations that have occurred on the state and federal level.

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Leadership Training

This is going to be a new initiative in 2015. The goal is to provide our members leadership courses to key employees. Providing employees the opportunity to participate in professional development courses is very important in retaining your best employees. We have more details coming in the near future.

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The wonderful thing about an association is the network of incredible people. We have assembled an incredible list of instructors that will help Kentucky Trucking Association develop a great professional development training program. Click here to see our list of instructors.

Anyone that wishes to be an instructor for Kentucky Trucking Association, please contact our office.