Online Training

Motor Carrier Training Courses

The courses will cover DOT Compliance, Transporting Hazardous Material, OSHA For Truckers, Driver Safety, CSA, and Vehicle Registration and Permitting.

The Kentucky Trucking Association has partnered with the Vertical Alliance Group to bring Kentucky motor carriers an online learning management system dedicated to transportation. The Infinit-i™ intelligence system gives organizations the power to deliver and track controlled presentations to anyone, anytime, anywhere.

It's as simple as it is powerful. Just use the Infinit-i Online Content Delivery Platform to load a presentation; send it to your safety director, driver, shop manager or partner, and then track the results.

The motor carrier has the option to choose the course and which employee they want to complete the training.

  • Have a driver that is getting to many violations sign them up to take the Safe Driving course.
  • Have a new person learning in the safety department sign them up for DOT Compliance 101.
  • Need help getting a better understanding on how OSHA impacts your business select OSHA For Truckers.

The main reason Kentucky Trucking Association selected Vertical Alliance was it gives your company the flexibility on who to train, when to train and where to train. Your choice, all you have to do is track your employee progress. The videos are purposely short a driver or employee can finish a topic in 5 minutes while waiting for a load or during a slow period at the office. The employee can finish the entire training in one setting or break it up in to multiple settings the system will track the employee through the entire process while providing updating you on their progress.

Online Training

Training Course Titles and Description

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It is up to the company if they want to sign up more employees for additional training.

Small Carrier Training

Safety has always been important to the success of all trucking companies regardless of size!

With the implementation of CSA and our increasingly litigious society, the trucking industry now "dramatically" understands how vitally important proof of on-going driver training really is today and in the future

WHY? Because the entities listed below are regularly measuring your relationship with them based on your CSA scores

  • Insurance - How insurable are you?
  • Shippers - Will they employ you to haul their freight?
  • FMCSA audits - Do you have an executable structured training plan?
  • Legal entities - Can you prove that did you do all you could to train the driver prior to an accident?

THE ANSWER? The Infinit-i "BASIC" Edition Online Training Program! An online safety program designed for carriers with less than 25 drivers or carriers with limited safety resources. Click here to learn more!

CDL Training

Complete Online CDL Permit Training and Testing!

No Software To Install No CDs or DVDs!……Train quickly and easily online.

*Applies to ALL State CDL Permit Written Exams*

Train to Drive a Truck, a Bus - Class A, B, or C and all endorsements including pre-trip inspection, basic controls, hazmat, triples, doubles, passenger, air brakes, tanker, school bus, and prepare for the road test.

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Fatigue Management

The NAFMP is designed to address the issue of driver fatigue with a comprehensive approach that includes:

Information on how to develop a corporate culture that facilitates reduced driver fatigue

  • Fatigue management education for drivers, drivers’ families, carrier executives and managers, shippers/receivers, and dispatchers
  • Information on sleep disorders screening and treatment
  • Driver and trip scheduling information
  • Information on Fatigue Management Technologies

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